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This is the Blog about the coming series of books based on Indus Valley Civilisation during the third millenium BCE!  The hero is a trainee physician from Harappa who befriends Shushun from Susa and a freespirited warrior, Parthava.  The three of them are involved in adventures in the fabled country of Bharata (also called Meluhha by the Sumerians) as well as in Sumer and Elam.

I have signed a publishing contract with Palimpsest Publishing House, New Delhi.  The first book of the series, Harappa:The Lure of Soma is with the editor, as we speak and should be ready for release soon.  Expected date of launch is scheduled for September/October 2013.  The second book of the series Harappa 2: The fall of Shuruppak will be released by the end of this year followed by the third book of the series – Harppa 3:The battle of ten kings in 2014.  A prelude to the series is being prepared and released at a later date.

A Non-fiction project title “India across the millennnia” is underway.  This is a definitive exposure of the Indian sub-continent from the ante-diluvian times to 21st century AD.  It is backed by extensive research into modern archaeological findings and literature.  It will have the latest information about the ancestry of the sub-continent and its progress.

The author has extensive knowledge of the major civilisations during the third millenium BCE – including the Indus/Saraswathi Valley, Sumerian/Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilisations.


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