Who was Manu?


Was he the biblical Adam, the progenitor of all mankind as most ardent Hindus would have us believe?  Was he the original sage, a Noah or Utnapishtim of Hinduism, who escaped the great flood and saved the mankind? Was he the first king of kings who ruled the earth?  Was he the lawgiver, a Hammurabi or Shulgi or Moses of India?  As with most mythological figures there are numerous questions and equally numerous, albeit ambiguous answers.


Vedic times were filled with hundreds of voluminous literary texts, starting with the Vedas of unknown age.  The ancient Vedic text of Shatapatha Bramhana gives a detailed story of the deluge and how Manu saves the mankind from extinction at the behest and the help of God Vishnu.  Manu was the King of antediluvian Dravida country of Kumari Kandam in the south.  He saves a fish from drowning in the River flowing down from…

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