This Blog is all about the coming series of books based on the great Indus Valley and Mesopotamian civilisations in third millennium BCE and the great Vedic scriptures of India.  The books try to explode the myth of Aryan Invasion Theory and shows the Harppans as the composers of the great Vedas.

Third millennium BCE sees the Indus Valley Civilisation (Bharata) at its peak with Harappa prospering with riches from excellent water suplly, farming, natural resources of minerals as well as precious and semiprecious stones.  Neighbouring country of Avesta suffers devastation due to a series of major earthquakes causing several of the major rivers either to divert the course or completely dry up.  The country is reeling under poverty and their Gods are angry with the populace as they are not being pleased with the sacred Haoma.  The Avestans eye the riches of Harappa, particularly the rich supply of Haoma (or Soma as the Meluhhans called it).

The hero of the series is Upaas, a trainee physician from Harappa.  He grows up in Harappa, has his training in Meluhha before becoming a Physician.  The series has four books with a Prelude as an introduction to the characters and events in the series.

The first book deals with Upaas befriending an Elamite called Shushun, who appears to know everything about everything.  Is he really a simple oil merchant from Susa?  The third character of the Triumvarate is Parthava, a free spirited soldier from the windy city of Pavan who takes it upon himself as the de facto protector of Upaas.  Upaas falls in love with Lopa, a beautiful maiden from Saraswatha.  Their love is interrupted when Upaas gets kidnapped on the way to the sacred lake of Sharyanavat to collect Soma.

Their beloved country of Bharata and particularly the citiy of Harappa comes under attack first by a rogue Magus and later by the powerful king Vishtaspa.  The three friends come to the rescue and are at the front line of the war near the outskirts of Harappa.

The second book has Upaas travelling to Susa on the invitation of Shushun.  He travels to Susa with the grate Sage Vasishta to see the famed thousand pillared temple of Varuna in Susa.  The three friends travel to the city of Ur in Sumeria in search of the sage Utnaphistim who knows answer to all the questions as well as the directions to the elusive and fabled city of Eridu and the secret Ziggurat of Enki.  Did they manage to find the land of Apsu which hides the elusive Ziggurat?  The city of Ur comes under attack by the savage northerners and get burnt down.  As the trio help the citizens and their king Gilgamesh rebuild the city and finally try leave Sumeria, their ship nearly capsizes in the great flood.

The third book is the story of the epic Battle of the ten kings which takes place when the just king Sudas is attacked by a confederation of ten kings led by his disgruntled co-brothers.  One of the battles takes place on the banks of river Parushni (river Ravi in Punjab) near Harappa.  Upaas and his two friends get drawn into the battle and nearly lose their lives.


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